Dossé-Via | Poetry
Who is Dossé-Via? Find out here.
dossevia, model, astrologer, entrepreneur, trenou-wells
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Poems by Dossé-Via

“The Little Things”


There it goes again,

that plane

swirling across the blue canvas

breezing past the fluffy pillows

leaving behind not a single trace.


There he was again,

sitting at the train station

glaring at the iron rails

wishing, wishing…


There she stood again,

immersed in a field of magnolias

watching the bees pollenating, being

everything she sought to be.


Here we are again,

living out what we call truth,

screaming at ourselves for not being

enough of what we already are.



You know that person

Who seems to have the

Strength of a thousand warriors,

Whose smile illuminates darkness,

And whose soul overflows with life?


The one who believes in you

When the path becomes unclear,

And who guides your way

On days when no one knows

That you are lost…?


You are that person.



So she dreamt,

and she dreamt,

and she dreamt

some more.


Until she opened her eyes

and realized

she had all she

was looking for.



Wake up and decide

That today is your day

And that every day that follows

Will be yours too.


Breathe in and remember

That you are the one

In control of

Who you want to be,

And once you remember that,

You’re free.






If everything is temporary

And we are everything

Then our spirits are both eternal

Linked together like silly string.


I used to sit and wait at windows

Nitpicking at my mind’s extremes

Thinking and wishing

Of better tomorrows

Begging you

To hear my screams


If nothing lasts forever

And we are nothing

Then I’d give back every single year

To remain with you, here.


I’d press pause on that simple clause

The one which stole my heart —

“We’re infinite, in-fin-ite”

It still pierces like a dart.



Etait là,

Toute seule, comme toujours


Je voulais la suivre,


L’ouvrir au monde qui l’attendait,


Celui qui lui demander

De découvrir ce qu’elle était

Et de l’attraper.


Parfois je la regarde,

Et il me semble qu’elle le sent

Cette sensation mystique

Sensuelle, chimique…


Notre liaison est éternelle

Nos âmes, partagées,

Je la regardais.

“The Student”


my daughter
teaches me more about life
than any classroom i’ve ever
been in, taught in, sought in.
she is a tenured professor
in a semester that never ends